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The Abraham Lincoln Burial Witness Tree

This is the stump of the bur oak ( Quercus macrocarpa ) Witness Tree – this tree was determined by ring count to have been a small sapling that witnessed Lincoln’s funeral. Unfortunately, the tree was not visible in photographs of Lincoln’s funeral and could be dated only by counting tree rings after it died from a lightning strike and was removed. A replacement bur oak sapling can be seen nearby.    This stump is the remains of the tree that witnessed President Lincoln's burial in 1865.  It was approximately 15 years old at that time.  It was stuck by lightening, and had to be cut down.  The stump was carefully preserved and finished at Oak Ridge Cemetery for visitors to physically touch the stump to connect themselves to Abraham Lincoln. Sections of the tree were salvaged and pieces are offered to collectors to proudly display their piece of history as appropriate.


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*Extremely limited quantity wood blocks cut from the remains of the actual Abraham Lincoln Burial Witness Tree!



"Lincoln Through The Years"

This matted picture frame, "Lincoln Through The Years", is *exclusively sold at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum Gift Shop available HERE!


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Abraham Lincoln 2015 Funeral Reenactment Documentary DVD "Lincoln Remembered"

Abraham Lincoln 2015 Funeral Reenactment Documentary DVD "Lincoln Remembered"

This is amateur videography but it captures the major highlights surrounding the 150th Anniversary of the reenactment of Abraham Lincoln's burial.

Experience the reenactment as close to being there as it gets, moment by moment.

"Virtually as captivating as being there in person!"

Music was added for your enjoyment and text was provided to help explain some of the scenes.

Also included with this DVD is one (1) set of three (3) collector cards. The Train, the Hearse and the Cemetery.

The program shown is not included!

Running time: approx. 82 mins.

$13.95 +$2.00 S&H